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Sylt is with 99.14 km ² the largest North Sea island of Germany. It extends north-south from the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The northern German island is known primarily for its tourist resorts Westerland, Kampen and Wenningstedt and for the nearly 40 km long west beach.
Around 8000 BC, Sylt was separated from the mainland and became an island. In 1141, Sylt was first mentioned, at that time as "silt" or "Sild". "Silt" comes probably from the Anglo-Saxon and means something like "threshold country". "Sild" comes from the Danish and means "herring". The herring fishing was an important industry for the islanders. 1668 was the herring to the emblem of Sylt. 1386 Sylt belonged to the Duchy of Schleswig to the one part and to another part of the Kingdom of Denmark. 1769 the islandincluded 2814 inhabitants. In 1855 the resort was founded in Westerland. In the same year the first lighthouse was opened on Sylt and served as a guide to mariners. Since 1927, Sylt is about the Hindenburg causeway to the mainland about the Hindenburg.
The fascinating natural landscape, 40 kilometers of fine sandy beaches, calm sea in the east, green dikes, flowering heath and a healthy, bracing climate and a pure make this island so unique.

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Sylt sightseeing

The promenade
The promenade or better beach promenade in Westerland on Sylt is over one hundred years old and already well known and popular by tourists. It has a length of six miles and begins in the south of Westerland near the Sylt Aquarium and head north along the beach past the music shell at the height of the city center next to Wenning town, on the Uwe dune and the Red Cliff after passing Kampen the town hall. Many highlights of Sylt are located along the promenade and it is almost mandatory to run this once or to take the wheel.
Sylt Aquarium
One World Two Oceans is the motto of Sylt Aquarium and it covers on the shown water worlds. On the one hand you see the local North Sea with typical acomponent such as dogfish, cod, plaice, prawns, lobsters and many more and on the other hand the colorful coral world of the Indian Ocean with reef sharks, lionfish or the little clown fish. Highlights include a walk-in tunnels and a sawfish is shown in only one other aquarium in Europe.
Music shell
In music shell from Westerland which can be found on the promenade right on the beach events from theater, brass bands to gospel concerts take place during the season.

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